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Artist Interviews

Get to know our amazing artists and the inspiration behind their work!

Reneesha Mccoy.png

Reneesha Mccoy

Mother, artist, and all-around badass Reneesha Mccoy empowers and inspires through her gorgeous works packed with color and emotion. Check out what she has to say about the intentions and inspiration of her artwork below.


When/why did you first start creating artwork? Did someone encourage you?
I’d been painting for years but it was my partner and birth of my first child that pushed me toward a full time career as an artist.

What inspires your work?

The effects of motherhood in a physical and mental aspect inspire my work.

Have there been key experiences that have influenced your artwork?
The key experiences that have influenced my work surround my personal experience with miscarriage, pregnancy, breastfeeding and how they effect my body and mind space.

What are your favorite things about your artwork?
My most favorite thing about my work is that women from many different life experiences can relate to some aspect of my work.

How do you know you've finished a particular piece of artwork?

I feel a piece of art is complete when the emotion I intended to express is prominent in some way. However, I do think art will always allow for variation.

What do you like best, value most about making art?
I value the intention behind creating art. Everyone has a different purpose and life experience that bleeds into their work and that’s the true beauty of art.

What do you want people to think, feel and experience when viewing your artwork?
I want people to relate and feel empowered by my artwork. My hope is that someone may relate to the various aspects of the female forms I create but also feel deeply connected to the brush strokes and color. I also hope that my work empowers someone to create something or live a life outside of judging their own bodies.

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